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The MSI Wind PC is one ultraportable that came after the Asus Eee PC craze. Fortunately for MSI, coming late gave them the chance to produce a good product. With a 10-inch LCD powered by a 1.6 GHz Atom processor, the Wind was designed to e much more usable than the Eee PC. With 80 GB of storage available and a battery capable of getting four hours of continuous use, it can easily outdo most of the other ultraportables in the market, even the more expensive ones. It’s no surprise that LaptopMag’s review praises it so highly:

If there were a Survivor: The Mini-Notebook series, and each of the ultra–low-cost notebooks were incrementally eliminated, the MSI Wind NB would be the one left standing. Unlike its competitors, the Wind NB offers the complete package, including an adult-size keyboard, a larger 10-inch screen, and a very capable Atom processor. This system’s solid performance, stellar 5-plus hours of battery life, and $499 price make it the best all-around mini-notebook to date.

The MSI Wind PC is now available locally here in the Philippines and sells for 25,500 pesos. It’s in the same range as the 8.9-inch Asus Eee PC 900 but it sports a better processor, a larger LCD, more storage, and more battery life. What’s not to like about this one?

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I am buying this wind not later July 18, 2008. Please contact me 09228285918. I am looking

for the best deal. Together with it I am buying DVD writer (external) for it and optical

mouse. If if possible, I would like to upgrade its 3cell to 6 cell.

@riso: Sorry but we don’t sell any of the products mentioned here. You can going to the PC shops in Greenhills, I saw some MSI Wind units there. Unfortunately, they all come with 3-cell batteries.

Never go near Villman Trinoma. They are selling recycled laptops from returns from customers. Last week i bought an Asus EEEPc 900.I spent i week to make it work but it does not do what the specs says it would. I gig DDR 2 memory, but you will wait a minute or 2 to execute one command after another. It says 20 gig Hard drive but actually you can use only 4 gigs for your oS the other drive is a secondary drive good for nothing but for data.The 20 gig is 4+16 ssd drive. I went back to the store last sunday, October 12 2008. I was told they will entertain returns but i will have to WAIT for 0ne ( 1 ) month. If you cannot wait you can go to ASUS , whatever that is in Pasig or in Mega mall. While i was at the store, there were some customers returning defective printers and inks. The unit they gave me , there was a coded sticker at the back which say July 04 2008. It should go without saying that a person will not buy anything if he does not need it. ONE month or bahala ka na sa sarili mo go or to this the address yourself at kayo na magusap ng ASUS. This is how insensitive these people in VILLMAN store in TRINOMA. To my dismay – I RUN MY FIST HARD ON THE KEYBOARD OF THE LAPTOP AND THROW IT HARD ON THE FLOOR. I consider natalo na lang ako sa casino. Those ass-holes NOW have their garbage.

@Roger, the Eee PC 900 has always been a 4+16GB combo. A bit of research would’ve made things easier for you, but they should’ve explained it nonetheless.

I’ve always had no problems with Villman though of course you may have an isolated case. If you’re having a hard time settling your problem, try talking to other people in the company, maybe that could help.

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