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Acer #1 in netbooks

Yes, Asus is no longer at the top of the netbook market. After creating the market with its Eee PC, Asus has slipped to the #2 slot as Acer takes the overall lead with a 38% share of the market. In the same period, Asus captured just 30% of the netbook shipments. What makes this very interesting though is the fact that Acer only ships basically just one model, the Acer Aspire One. It comes in HD and SSD configs but that’s basically everything. Asus on the other hand has various variants of the Eee PC with a smorgasbord of configurations.

I think good marketing and pricing is what put Acer at number one. Armed with the simple fact that consumers want good value at a reasonable price, they turned the Aspire One into one of the better netbooks you can buy right now. And by the time the others catch up, they’ll be on their next generation of devices and maybe with some tricks up its sleeves.