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HP Mini 1000: Editors’ Choice!

HP Mini 1000

The new HP Mini 1000 gets a much coveted Editors’ Choice badge over at NotebookReview:

The HP Mini 1000 is a clear winner on the netbook front, offering a great design and being very user-upgrade friendly. It offers the best keyboard out of the entire netbook crowd, only matched by the earlier Mini-Note 2133 which uses the same design. We are delighted HP finally decided to refresh their netbook with the Atom platform since it increased battery life over the VIA model and greatly reduced the amount of heat thrown off the processor. With great build quality, a spring-loaded RAM slot, awesome keyboard, and super slim design it is easy to give the HP Mini 1000 our Editor’s Choice award. We feel it is well deserved even with the missing VGA port and limited battery options.

Wow, time to start buying it now!