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HP Mini 1000: Editors’ Choice!

The new HP Mini 1000 gets a much coveted Editors’ Choice badge over at NotebookReview: The HP Mini 1000 is a clear winner on the netbook front, offering a great design and being very user-upgrade friendly. It offers the best keyboard out of the entire netbook crowd, only matched by the earlier Mini-Note 2133 which […]

HP Mini 1000 in the Philippines

You can now buy the HP Mini 1000 in the Philippines, the updated version of HP’s netbook/ultraportable. This revision now has the Intel Atom processor instead of the underperforming Via offerings. According to Villman’s brochure for the BPI 0% Installment Madness Promo, the HP Mini 1001TU, a variant of the Mini 1000, has a suggested […]

HP Mini 1000 Vivienne Tam Edition

Yes, that’s the fashionably chic version of the HP Mini 1000. Noted designer Vivienne Tam comes up with a provocatively red Mini 1000 that you can easily mistakenly identify as a fashion accessory instead of a netbook. Looks great! With a USD $699 price tag though, it will get buyers thinking twice. After all, you […]

HP Mini 1000 with MIE

MIE is HP’s Mobile Internet Experience, essentially a customized Ubuntu Linux variant with a very attractive interface. It will be offered in the new HP Mini 1000 and priced at USD $379, making it the cheapest Mini 1000 available.

HP Mini 1000

After the not so impressive Mini-Note 2133, HP makes sure it gets its sequel right with the new HP Mini 1000. Now looking even sleeker than before, it is now powered by the Intel Atom unlike the Via processors that limited the previous model. Early photos shows an impressive black finish with probably the best […]