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Google’s Android OS on netbooks


Google’s Android project has been known for use in mobile devices like cellphones, but hardly was it mentioned before that it can be used for ultraportables and netbooks. To their credit, they never said it wasn’t for portable computers, we just assumed it was going to be for phones that will give the iPhone a run for its money. Now here’s the big surprise.

The guys over at Mobile-facts (via VentureBeat) took four hours to compile Android for the Asus Eee PC 1000H. They had the graphics, sound, and wireless internet working, so it’s a very functional hack.

Knowing that Google has the Chrome browesr and the backing of the OHA, it wouldn’t be a wild guess that we will be seeing phone/netbook hybrids pretty soon. More importantly, it could also mean another major factor in the netbook market now with a new OS thrown into the mix. We have Linux and Windows variants, and now we just might have Android. This will definitely be a big push for the netbook/ultraportable market in the coming months.