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HTC Sensation is the HTC Pyramid

Yes, you got that. The rumored HTC device that’s been keeping many Android fans excited, codenamed the “Pyramid,” has just been officially announced the HTC Sensation. It just might be as good as how it looks. It will come with a 1.2GHz dual–core Snapdragon processor paired with 768MB of RAM. And with a 4.3-inch qHD […]

GeeksPhone One: Truly for Geeks

Android–powered phones have long been touted as “hacker–friendly” mostly because of its open–source roots. However, not all of them are truly open to widespread hacks and customizations, just like Motorola’s recent handsets. Among today’s high–end handsets, the Nexus One leads the pack as the most hacker–friendly with countless third–party ROMs. Now here’s something that’s the […]

Samsung Galaxy S

With the exponential growth of the Android platform, Samsung has finally released what could be today’s best Android–powered phone, the Samsung Galaxy S. Building upon their previous Android phones, the Galaxy S boasts of features only slowly becoming available in other phones: 4–inch Super AMOLED 1 GHz Hummingbird processor 8 or 16GB internal storage 720P […]

Android 2.2 Details

Google has finally unwrapped Android 2.2 “Froyo” and Gizmodo has a screenshot tour of what’s new. Unfortunately, this also means new features we’re missing in older Android devices as it might take a few months before phone manufacturers produce the updates for previously–released phones, if they ever do at all.

HTC Wildfire

The Google Nexus One is one mighty phone, so it wouldn’t be so bad if someone built a mini version of it, right? HTC did just that. Being the company that Google commissioned to build their first official phone, HTC has just released the HTC Wildfire, the Nexus One’s smaller sibling. The specs shows that […]

HTC Sense UI on the Google Nexus One

The Google Nexus One is already a great phone but it would be nice if it could borrow some of the eye candy from HTC’s Sense UI, right? jkOnTheRun did just that, based on this guide, and Kevin tells us about it.

Globe’s new Android Phone: Samsung Galaxy Spica

I’ve been waiting for an easy and safe way to acquire a Google Nexus One that I silently wish Globe would offer it themselves, or even some other Android–powered goodness in a smartphone. I can actually just go for an iPhone 3GS that’s already available without the worries, but why settle for something older? After […]

Google’s Android OS on netbooks

Google’s Android project has been known for use in mobile devices like cellphones, but hardly was it mentioned before that it can be used for ultraportables and netbooks. To their credit, they never said it wasn’t for portable computers, we just assumed it was going to be for phones that will give the iPhone a […]