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GeeksPhone One: Truly for Geeks

Android–powered phones have long been touted as “hacker–friendly” mostly because of its open–source roots. However, not all of them are truly open to widespread hacks and customizations, just like Motorola’s recent handsets. Among today’s high–end handsets, the Nexus One leads the pack as the most hacker–friendly with countless third–party ROMs.

Now here’s something that’s the opposite of most phones: the GeeksPhone One. With a Certified Community Release (CCR) Program, the GeeksPhone One aims to:

  • Special rewards for developers and people who are making a great effort to contribute to the community. Basically, free phones for developers so they no longer need to rely on their primary phone for development and in some cases, sponsorships.
  • For the first time in the industry, Geeks’Phone will officially certify and approve community ROMs that are stable and offer real advantages over stock ROMs. The ROMs will be credited entirely to their developers.
  • Support and help from Geeks’Phone engineers to developers, especially ROM builders, for their specific needs. Already, 100% of the kernel and drivers of the One are open and documented.
  • Easy to follow logo and identification guidelines, so end users will see which ROMs have been tested and approved. Both “Stable” and “Experimental” logos will beĀ used.
  • Technical support for users of these builds.
  • Geeks’Phone technicians will flash customers’ phones with CCRs if the customer requests it.
  • CCRs won’t void the warranty.

Though this phone isn’t exactly a looker, it would be nice to have it for the modifications it allows for.