Globe now offers iPhone plans at 399 and …

Globe now offers iPhone plans at 399 and 899 per month! The cheapskate in you who’d rather not call and text too much every month (or if you barely have friends) will find this very enticing.

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Apple iPhone 3GS Globe Prices

Like what we’ve told you about a week ago, Globe will be offering the just released Apple iPhone 3GS here in the Philippines. Reservations are accepted at Globe Business Centers since the 15th of this month, so head on there if you’re planning on getting one. Prices are still just as expensive as the first time they released the iPhone 3G:

Regular Plans iPhone 3GS 16GB iPhone 3GS 32GB
Plan 500 PHP 29,500 PHP 35,100
Plan 800 PHP 25,350 PHP 30,950
Plan 1200 PHP 23,100 PHP 28,700
Plan 1800 PHP 19,050 PHP 24,650
Plan 2500 PHP 11,850 PHP 17,450
Plan 3500 PHP 3,950 PHP 9,550
Plan 5000 FREE PHP 1,000
Plan 7000 FREE FREE
Plan 10000 FREE FREE

Like before, you can also get the 3GS in a prepaid kit, but you’ll be paying a lot more:

iPhone Prepaid Kit
iPhone 3GS 16GB PHP 38,850
iPhone 3GS 32GB PHP 45,250

There’s no other official way of getting the iPhone 3GS here in the Philippines but through Globe, so if you’ve been waiting for it, you can get it now!


Globe will be offering the Apple iPhone …

Globe will be offering the Apple iPhone 3GS starting on the 31st of this month. Reservations can now be made through their hotline at 7301000, their site at, or through Globe Business Centers. Unfortunately, no final word on pricing just yet.


iPhone Swimming Pool Drop

iphone-pool-dropCan an iPhone 3GS really survive a dip in the pool without any damage? Apparently, someone was happily recording videos by the poolside with his new iPhone when it suddenly slipped and fell into the pool. The phone kept on recording until it was fished out of the water just a few seconds later. Unfortunately, I find this a bit hard to believe. A frame from the video also shows a strap you typically see in compact cameras. Or maybe I’m wrong.