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White MacBook Clone

Making the news just now is a clone of Apple’s white MacBook, courtesy of China’s OEM providers. Supposedly, this model has a “feature” better than a stock MacBook: a second battery that can put in the DVD drive’s slot. Unfortunately, total run time with the two batteries is less than four hours, lower than a […]

Using a MacBook or any of those new netbooks with multi–touch touchpads? These Firefox 3.5 hacks are for you! Comments Off on Using a MacBook or any of those new netb …

New Apple MacBook reviewed

If the announcement of the new aluminum MacBooks got you all excited, aren’t you wondering how they would fare in real world use? NotebookReview now has a user review of the new MacBook and if that’s not enough, a guest editorial breaks down the position of Apple’s new product. Very interesting is the comparison putting […]