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White MacBook Clone

White MacBook clone.

Making the news just now is a clone of Apple’s white MacBook, courtesy of China’s OEM providers. Supposedly, this model has a “feature” better than a stock MacBook: a second battery that can put in the DVD drive’s slot. Unfortunately, total run time with the two batteries is less than four hours, lower than a genuine MacBook.

Because this laptop is powered by an Intel Atom D510 1.66 GHz processor, it essentially is just a netbook with a 13.3–inch screen. The basic model comes with Intel GMA 3150 graphics but Nvidia’s ION 2 is said to be an option.

Would you buy this one for less than 500 USD?


Using a MacBook or any of those new netb …

Using a MacBook or any of those new netbooks with multi–touch touchpads? These Firefox 3.5 hacks are for you!

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New Apple MacBook reviewed

Apple MacBook

If the announcement of the new aluminum MacBooks got you all excited, aren’t you wondering how they would fare in real world use? NotebookReview now has a user review of the new MacBook and if that’s not enough, a guest editorial breaks down the position of Apple’s new product. Very interesting is the comparison putting the MacBook against similar offerings available in the market, which suggests that the so–called “Apple tax” is much more than we used to get, and questions if it’s worth paying now.

Nice read if you’re considering the new MacBook just like me, making you think twice if it’s worth all the money. But then again, buying a Mac was never only about the money.