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A Nokia netbook? Apparently, they’re not content with building cellphones for the world’s population, so now they’re coming up with Nokia Booklet 3G! Sleek–looking piece of aluminum hardware on an otherwise ordinary–spec netbook. But 12 hours of battery life? That’s just like saying your cellphones have five days of standby time! Comments Off on A Nokia netbook? Apparently, they’re no …

What is the ideal netbook battery life?

As manufacturers continue to develop new ultraportable netbooks at rapidly dropping prices, there are always some details that get compromised. Battery life is definitely on the top of the list. Most models with 3 or 4–cell batteries can hardly get to three hours of battery life, some just enough for two hours. Premium options though […]

New MSI Wind U120

Just a few months after the MSI Wind U100 caught up with the netbook craze, MSI now comes up with an updated version in the MSI Wind U120. Specifications are basically the same as the older U100 but with the addition of a 3.5G HSDPA modem and a revised 802.11n wireless module. Worth noting is […]

Samsung ultraportable

What Laptop unwraps the news on what is another entry in the affordable ultraportable market, this time coming from Samsung. Currently just dubbed as the “Samsung Netbook,” it has features similar to everybody’s ultraportable, running on the Intel Atom N270. It is rumored to use a hard drive instead of an SSD drive, which will […]