Asus Eee PC Price in the Philippines

Asus Eee PC 701

The Asus Eee PC is probably the hottest non–Apple tech gadget today, and for good reason. Offering the mobility of ultraportable notebooks/laptops at the price of an advanced PDA or smartphone (hint: iPhone?), geeks and mobile warriors are quick to appreciate the goodness this device provides.

So how much will it (Asus Eee PC 701) retail in the Philippines? 17,999 pesos. Insiders have leaked this price though it is still unconfirmed until we see it in the stores. At the said price, it is actually cheaper than the announced price of USD $399, if converted using 44 pesos to a dollar. It’s cheaper to get the Asus Eee PC here in the Philippines!

But wait, knowing how unscrupulous some local retailers are, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see it selling for more than twenty thousand pesos, especially considering the holiday buying rush. Needless to say, I want one. Want it enough that I’m reconsidering if I really want one of those new MacBooks now.

19 Responses to “Asus Eee PC Price in the Philippines”

  1. pcbuyer says:

    I am interested to see this device, were can I see it in the Philippines?

  2. Jenny Bimbim Ullero says:

    I want to have the ASUS EEEPC. Do you know where can I buy it in Philippines?

  3. elaine says:

    where can i buy asus eee here in the Philippines with a price of 17,900?

  4. glenn says:

    I want to buy ASUS EEEPC. Do you know where can I buy it in Philippines?

  5. eyelashcurler says:

    i have this PC. bought it in SM North Edsa Cyberzone. 17,000. :-) if you’re good, maybe you can even haggle.

  6. markku says:

    Almost all major computer shops in Manila now carry the Eee, you should have no trouble finding them. Stock availability is a different matter though.

    We got ours from PC Live and Villman in Megamall. Cash prices reportedly go as low as 16,000 but 12 months 0-interest through a credit card puts it at 19,800 or exactly 1,650 pesos a month. =)

  7. Darwin says:

    I want to buy the Asus Eee PC, I want to know the Processor.

  8. Joycelyne says:

    I want to buy ASUS EEEPC. Do you know where can I buy it in Philippines?

  9. Rhamawia says:

    Where to buy Asus Eee PC in Mindanao?

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  11. markku says:

    @Darwin: It uses a ULV Celeron running at 900 Mhz. Not really fast, but good enough for most needs.

    @Joycelyne: Major PC shops are selling them, just visit your favorite mall. :)

    @Rhamawia: If you have a Villman branch there in Mindanao, I’m sure you can get it from them.

  12. ivan-ozam says:

    where can i buy it in mindanao?cagayan de oro?

  13. risa says:

    @eyelashcurler: what particular shop in SM North Edsa Cyberzone?

  14. markku says:

    @ivan-ozam: Try major shops like Villman.

    @risa: Almost all SM Cyberzone shops have the Eee.

  15. We open a new Computer Shop at 03/01/2008 in Tagum City.
    We will sales the eeePc in our Shop.
    Please ask the new Computer Shop “PH-ITMarket + Net” near Tagum Market or send a email to
    At the moment i dont know the sales price ask me after 03/01/2008

    Best regards Joachim

  16. insep says:

    How much is an Eee PC 8G? thanks

  17. jun tanhueco says:

    do you have Eec pc 8G? i’m interested to get one. thanks

  18. markku says:

    @insep and @jun tanhueco: I don’t think local distributors are bringing in the 8G considering the shortage of that model globally.

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